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Virtual Reality (VR)

In this important moment in time, humans and technology are evolving together and interactive art exemplifies this relationship. The work of pioneering artists in the field of interactive digital art will be on view alongside emerging artists on the cutting edge of technology and art, including work by a local artist using virtual reality. Organized by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Curated by Curator of Programming Julie Ganas. Skip to Navigation Skip to Content. Marpi, Aquarium, Purring Tiger, Mizaru, The course takes an expanded view of digital storytelling as a space of intertextuality where multiple voices connect with technologies to pass a message through deliberation and documentation.

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For intertextuality, it is necessary to read and write the Web critically and responsibly. For this purpose, we will discuss and analyse metaphors in language, thought and communication, and how these frame and often distort reality nowadays. Finally, we will apply multimodal methods to analyse metaphors, discourses and narratives on the basis of discourse analysis, metaphor and thematic analysis, social semiotics and the semantics of action.

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For successful course completion, participants are required to attend the class sessions, contribute to group work and discussions, present their own work in seminars and submit a final assignment i. Digital storytelling as a 21st-century metaphor of deliberation and documentation b. The sociotechnical dimensions in digital storytelling d.

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Technology and Reality Technology and Reality
Technology and Reality Technology and Reality
Technology and Reality Technology and Reality
Technology and Reality Technology and Reality
Technology and Reality Technology and Reality

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