Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife

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And enriched and increased was the faith of the house of God;.

Salt in Our Blood : The Memoir of a Fisherman's Wife -

And error was put to shame by reason of two old men, who, though they spake not,. Vanquished it; and they kept silence, and their faith stood fast. And the commands of the emperor were dreadful, yea violent,. And its voice was raised, and silent were the old men with pain,. Yet null and void became the command and drowned was the voice of the judge,. And without speech the mute sign of the martyrs bore off the palm.

Talking and clamour, and the sound of stripes, on the left;. And, by one mute sign with which the old men pointed above their heads,. The head of faith was lifted up, and error was put to shame. For, voiceless they uttered by signs the discourse of faith. They took them down, because they had vanquished while silent;.

And they put them in bonds, threatening yet to vanquish them. Held of no account—yea rather as the light which has no end. To be without bread, and without water, and without light,.

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Hanged up was Shamuna with his head downwards; and he prayed. And its taste and smell made the very denizens of heaven to marvel. Bound fast was his person, but unfettered was his prayer over his deed. And nothing hindereth it—not even sword, not even fire. His form was turned upside down, but his prayer was unrestrained,.

And straight was its path on high to the abode of the angels. The more the affliction of the chosen martyr was increased,. That men should run to meet the sword is a thing unheard of,. Except they were those whom Jesus has enlisted in His service by His crucifixion. That death is bitter, every one knoweth lo! As though it had been something hated, they left the body to be beaten:.

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For the sword they waited, and the sword went forth and crowned them:. Because for it they looked; and it came to meet them, even as they desired.

And, inasmuch as death is slain, it caused no suffering to the martyrs. Death bound He fast, and laid him prostrate and trampled on him at the gate of Hades;. And now whosoever will draweth near and mocketh at him, because he is slain. Who could seize, so long as he drank not of the blood of the cross? Pierced is the lion with the spear which pierced the side of the Son of God;. The Lord of the wedding-feast hung on the cross in nakedness,.

And whosoever came to be a guest, He let fall His blood upon him. To sufferings and tomes and to all the various forms of woe. And thus did they themselves endure mockery without a groan. For ye adorned her with your crowns and with your sufferings. Her riches and her store, yea her boast and all her treasure. Her advocates are ye; scribes who, though silent, vanquished. False witnesses, who killed Naboth, feigning themselves to be true. Who were witnesses to the Son of God, and died like Naboth.

And which city is beloved by reason of her old men and of her honourable ones. Sons of Belial were those witnesses of that adulterous woman,.


Nor is Edessa like Zion, which also crucified the Lord. But by these witnesses here lo! Blessed be He who gave us the treasure-store of their crowns! We're making big changes. Please try out the beta site at beta. Thank you! Bringing Christian classic books to life. Computer Science. LC Subject. Subject Tag. Login Register. Shamuna and Guria, martyrs who made themselves illustrious in their afflictions, Have in love required of me to tell of their illustrious deeds.

To champions of the faith the doctrine calleth me, That I should go and behold their contests and their crowns. Teachers they were who practised their teaching in blood, And whose faith was known by their sufferings. On their bodies they wrote the story of the Son of God With the marks of combs and scourges which thickly covered them.

The Fisherman's Wife

They showed their love, not by words of the mouth alone, But by tortures and by the rending of their limbs asunder. For the love of the Son of God they gave up their bodies: Since it beseemeth the lover that for his love he should give up himself. Fire and sword proved their love, how true it was; And more beautiful than silver tried in a furnace of earth were their necks.

They looked on God, and, because they saw His exalted beauties, Therefore did they look with contempt upon their sufferings for His sake. The Sun of righteousness had arisen in their hearts; And they were enlightened by it, and with His light chased they away the darkness. At the idols of vanity, which error had brought in, they laughed, Instinct with the faith of the Son of God which is full of light.

The love of the Lord was as a fire in their hearts; Nor could all the brambles of idolatry stand before it. With guilelessness and yet with wisdom stood they in the judgment-hall, As they had been commanded by the Teacher of that which is true. Despising as they did kindred and family, guileless were they; Forasmuch, also, as possessions and wealth were held in no account by them.

When a serpent is seized and struck, he guards his head, But gives up and leaves exposed all his body to his captors: And, so long as his head is kept from harm , his life abideth in him; But, if the head be struck, his life is left a prey to destruction. Even though the whole body be lacerated with blows, Yet , so long as faith is preserved, the soul is alive; But, if faith is struck down by unbelief, Lost is the soul, and life has perished from the man.

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Were heedful, that it should not be struck down by persecutors: For they knew that, if faith is preserved, Both soul and body are preserved from destruction. And, because of this, touching their faith were they solicitous, That that should not be struck down in which their very life was hidden. Yea to every kind of torture, that their faith should not be stricken down; And, even as the serpent also hides his head from blows, So hid they their faith within their hearts; And the body was smitten, and endured stripes, and bore sufferings: But overthrown was not their faith which was within their hearts.

The mouth betrayeth the soul to death when it speaks, And with the tongue, as with a sword, worketh slaughter. And from it spring up both life and death to men: Denying a man dies, confessing he lives, and the mouth hath power over it. The word of the mouth openeth the door for death to enter in; This, too, calleth for life, and it beameth forth upon the man. The wicked judges too, from the martyrs, the sons of the right hand, Demanded that by word of mouth only they should blaspheme; But, like true men holding fast the faith, They uttered not a word by which unbelief might be served.

Thy truth is thy beauty, thy crown thy suffering, thy wealth thy stripes, And by reason of thy blows magnificent is the beauty of thy championship.

Salt in Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fisherman's Wife

Guria, martyr, staunch hero of our faith, Who shall suffice thee, to recount thy beauties divine? Thy blood upon thy form is a robe of glory full of beauty, And the scourging of thy back a vesture with which the sun may not compare. Radiant thou art and comely by virtue of these thy sufferings, so abounding; And resplendent are thy beauties, because of the pains which are so severe upon thee.

Shamuna, our riches, richer art thou than the rich: For lo! The cross is rich, and to its worshippers increaseth riches; And its poverty despiseth all the riches of the world. Shamuna and Guria, sons of the poor, lo! The Son of God in poverty and want Showed to the world that all its riches are as nothing, His disciples , all fishermen, all poor, all weak, All men of little note, became illustrious through His faith.

One a tentmaker, who aforetime was a persecutor, He seized upon, and made him a chosen vessel for the faith. Shamuna and Guria came from villages that were not wealthy, And lo! From their confession of the faith of the Son of God These blessed men acquired riches beyond compute.


Poor did He Himself become, and the poor made He rich; And lo! The chosen martyrs did battle against error, And in the confession of the Son of God stood they firm like valiant men. There arose against them the war of pagans like a tempest; But the cross was their helmsman, and steered them on. They were required to sacrifice to lifeless images, But they departed not from their confession of the Son of God.

The wind of idolatry blew in their faces, But they themselves were as rocks piled up against the hurricane. Like a swift whirlwind, error snatched at them; But, forasmuch as they were sheltered by the crucifixion, it hurt them not. The Evil One set on all his dogs to bark, that they might bite them; But, forasmuch as they had the cross for a staff, they put them all to flight.

Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife
Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife
Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife
Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife
Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife Salt In Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fishermans Wife

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