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JMX in Action

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Make an Offer. Find Rare Books Book Value. The authentication setup is specific to the Java EE server but you have to edit the Jolokia WAR agent to enable authentication as described in the Security Setup chapter in the reference manual. For closing the XSS vulnerability, nothing extra needs to be configured.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to Jolokia 1. Big Kudos go out to GDS and especially to Olga Barinova and Martin Hopkins for openly reporting these issues in deep detail to me and being very cooperative in helping to fix these.

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Highly appreciated! Jolokia 1. Even when the minor bug fixes or feature changes might not make you considering an upgrade, the last point is important. The Jolokia version from 1. The affected class has been removed so everything is clean again to the best of my knowledge.

Sorry for any inconvenience. If you any questions to this version or implication, please create an issue at the GitHub project. As a small sign of life, here's is 1. Wow, already April and half a year after the last release. Yes, it has been calm around Jolokia the last time.

It's not because it lost its relevance, it's just because things are as they are. As much as I would love to progress faster, other exciting projects are eating up my time massively. Luckily Jolokia 1. And as much I would love to finally kick off 2. Which is also a good thing as it proves that Jolokia 1. Of course, as times goes by, alternative monitoring interfaces for Java like to Prometheus gain in importance. Although Jolokia 2 is not here yet, it's not dead.

Branch 2. It's quite stable, just not yet released. For Jolokia 1. It has beed taken a bit, but just right now befire the summerbreak 1. In parallel 2. The current version 2. In addition to the new features like notification support or new extension hooks, it is fully backwards comptabile to 1. However, an upgrade will be trivial.

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If you are curious, I'm going to present the new 2. Beside bug fixes as described in the changelog , this minor release brings some small features:. We are getting closer. I'm happy to announce that the first milestone release 2. Of course, it is highly experimental. The main new features are JMX notification support pull and SSE mode and refactorings leading to an internal modularization which you will see when looking into WAR agent. More information can be found on my Blog.

Soon there will be also demo and screencast showing the new features. It was quite calm around Jolokia this summer and not much happened in Jolokia-land. Not many bugs arrived, too, which I take as a good sign :. Now let's start a next round with some revamped TLS support for https connections.

Version 1. In addition to the keystore option keystore the CA and the server cert as well as the server cert's key can be provided as PEM files with the options caCert , serverCert and serverKey , respectively. Client cert validation has also be enhanced. In addition to validating the CA signature of a client cert, one can now also check that the extended key usage block of the cert was created for client usage option extendedClientCheck.

JMX in Action Book Now Available

Also, one or more principals can be configured with clientPrincipal which are also compared againt the subject within a client certificate. For simple use cases where no server validation is required, Jolokia is now able to create self-signed server certificates on the fly.

This happens if neither a keystore nor a server PEM cert is provided. Of course, the client needs to disable cert validation then and it is recommended to use basic-authentication to authenticate the connection. The changes affect the JVM agent only and are explained in the reference manual.

That's it for now mostly, but see the changelog for some other minor additions. Progress on Jolokia 2. No promises either :.

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This minor release introduces one single new feature: A delegating authentication provider for the JVM agent. This can be switched on with configuration options and allow to delegate the authentication decision to an external service so that an easy SSO e. More about this can be found in the reference manual. Note, that the parameter authenticationClass has been renamed to authClass for consistencies sake. Please raise an issue if this doesn't work for you.

After quite some winter sleep Jolokia is back with a fresh release. This is mostly a bug fix release with some new features:. There is one important change in the default behaviour of the WAR agent: Up to 1. This limit can be overwritten permanently in the configuration or per request as query parameter maxCollectionSize. However, it turned out that this limit was not large enough. So the new default behaviour is to have no limit at all.

As said, if you need it you always can set a hard limit in the agent's configuration. But the biggest news is probably something complete different: I'm super happy to announce that I roland joined Red Hat since May, where I will able to continue to work on Jolokia with an even higher intensity.

Before looking into the future, acknowledgements go to my former employer ConSol. Without the support donated by ConSol Jolokia would probably never has been grown from the original personal pet project to a full featured, production ready JMX remote access solution as it is today. Thank you! What are the next steps? Jolokia 2. A release candidate should be available soon, however I can't give any estimates yet. But what I can say: Jolokia is alive and kicking more than ever! Meh, that was a busy summer. Apologies for the delay and breaking the usual one-release-per-month cycle.

If you want to get a quick introduction into Jolokia and a peek preview to Jolokia 2.

Let's welcome Jolokia's next minor release which is not so minor as it might seems. The biggest new feature with the most impact is path wildcard support. You probably know pattern read requests which allow for fetching multiple patterns by using patterns for MBean names and attributes not to be confused with bulk requests.

JMX in Action JMX in Action
JMX in Action JMX in Action
JMX in Action JMX in Action
JMX in Action JMX in Action
JMX in Action JMX in Action
JMX in Action JMX in Action

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