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Health care organizations: Missed our webcast on managing your electronic health record conversion? Get this recap to learn more. Health care organizations: Missed our webcast on modernizing the financial close? Health care organizations: Missed our webcast on electronic health record and enterprise resource planning integration?

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies - By Jack Wilson

Get this recap. Learn how project management and quality assurance, a strategic and independent method, assesses IT project health and improves outcomes. RSM helps their client optimize their electronic health record vendor selection process, ensuring a strategic fit for the organization. Successful Health Level 7 International interface implementation takes the combined skill sets of the interface team and data experts. Learn key strategies to address denials management challenges in your health care organization.

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Early planning, key engagement and informed decision-making significantly improves technology project success at health care organizations. Physician practices must have an understanding of hierarchical condition categories and revenue potential. Learn more. Learn core guiding principles to launch a value-driven enterprise health record initiative at your health care organization. A multi-specialty medical group overhauls information technology infrastructure and enterprise resource planning solutions. To discuss how our team can help your business, contact us by phone Issues and Insights: Health Care Ebook.

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Senior Living Health Care Connection. Tax Reform for Tax-Exempt Organizations. The member firms of RSM International collaborate to provide services to global clients, but are separate and distinct legal entities that cannot obligate each other. Each member firm is responsible only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of any other party. Visit rsmus. Resources Risk Bulletin Technology Bulletin. Resources Capabilities Newsletters. Resources Case Studies Events and Webcasts. Automotive Energy. We help healthcare organizations to improve patient care services, freeing up essential resources and strengthening analytics infrastructure with our cloud computing healthcare IT solutions.

We employ feasible cloud strategy after understanding the pain points of the client and deliver cloud computing healthcare IT software solutions for better outcomes. We can manage HIPAA related rules, regulations, documentation, and policies with ease and efficiency throughout every phase of healthcare information technology software. OSP Labs has the proficiency in building HIPAA-compliant healthcare information technology solutions including healthcare interoperability, revenue cycle management, payer administration, claim management, denial management, medical coding solutions, e-remittance solutions and more.

Our AI-driven customized business analytics solutions help derive value from unstructured clinical data leveraging the combined power of machine learning and natural language processing NLP. We help healthcare organization to unlock the true potential of their data, reduce operational efficiencies and reduce risks with a greater degree of precision.

Our AI experts adopt progressive machine learning algorithms to analyze data, discover new insights and secure multiple automated operations to save time and human efforts. Let's Solve Your Challenges. Ready to work with us?

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Medicare Claim Dashboard Created an intelligently integrated dashboard solution to monitor, visualize, analyze, and report medical claim process with a multi-dimensional data representation. ICD Transition Incorporating all necessary elements for proper ICD clinical documentation in a transparent, organized, and well-structured manner. An intuitive, easily navigable interface that automatically searches and receives a list of matching ICD codes. Automation of repetitive ICD transition and testing scenarios and accelerators for speeding up the code testing process. Revenue Cycle Management Real-time claim submission and editing mechanism, instant error reporting and payer enrollment management to enhance productivity.

Highly customized accurate medical billing process to track time and expense, invoicing, online remittances and reporting. Enhanced access management and financial visibility to stay connected to RCM 24X7. Simplifying the patients' billing and collection cycles, by registering, appointing, scheduling and processing the payment transactions.

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Maintain the continuity of care support by aligning procedures with documented patient requirements and aggregating rich clinical data from multiple sources. Practice Management Intelligent task management mechanism to remind you of all the relevant information just in time to offer a prompt and better quality of care. Appointment scheduling from anywhere, anytime to help control their upcoming appointments and tracking tests and checkups.

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An entirely paperless practice for better workflow management and financial accounting to bring speed and productivity to your finance operations. Manage multiple claim reimbursements and payments quickly and efficiently, without logging into a third-party financial clearinghouse. Custom analytics engine with key performance indicators to provide procedure analysis to provide insights and explore process improvement opportunities. Select unique and business relevant modules to seamlessly integrate and use them in combination or silos, with no compromise on user experience.

Robust data management efficiency to access the data directly and handle multiple complicated queries with smart healthcare intelligence analysis. Medical Claims Management Automated claims processing with prompt claim routing, interactive graphical claim form building mechanisms and assured data compliance. Create multi-dimensional reports, schedule them conveniently and send to anyone at any time using our dynamic reporting engine. Helping to maintain the confidentiality of claims management with robust security features like multilevel access and payment level authority.

Risk Management Solutions Customizable and big data-enabled risk analytics mechanism for risk score trending to find, decipher and monitor residual risk score trends easily. Smart portfolio allocation strategy called risk targeting to have the same portfolio volatility in every market environment. Supplemental submission analytics and suspect analytics for accurate decision making and to identify members with possibly undocumented suspect conditions. Intelligent, flexible risk reporting mechanism to provide score summary, payer and provider targeting, payment summaries, and diagnosis history.

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Payer Administration Facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration and greater accountability with in-depth visibility, secure exchange of data and provider contract management. Gain access to integrated and end-to-end payment solutions to drive down costs using accurate, faster and better payment channels. Big data-enabled personalized risk adjustment analytics to offer accurate risk scores and take necessary measures to reduce them.

Data Mining Robust web structure data mining to draw out crucial information to reach specified goals. Data warehousing to collect subject-oriented, time-variant, integrated, and non-volatile clinical data. Enterprise-grade data protection security with built-in auditing, encrypted communications and role-based access control RBAC. Tailoring user-friendly add-ons to mine data from external data sources, perform network analysis, and conduct natural language processing. Denial Management Automating the detection of denials due to their eligibility, authorization concerns with work-listing, notations, tagging capabilities and chart notes.

Access to a paperless, end-to-end and automated solution for recovering revenue from highly challenging claims using appeal automation.

Enhancing Patient Care through Health Information Technology

Client-centric custom rules engine to track payer claims denial activity and identify the new set of rules to regain the full claims qualifications. Allowing to visualize data while reducing call volume and supporting high standards of self-serving capability. Allocate claim processing resources to high-priority tasks, analyze denials or pending reasons by regular claims monitoring and management.

Automated background verification mechanism to authenticate and validate the crucial credentials of applicants with background checks using facial verification, social security verification, ID verification, etc. A smart built-in reporting mechanism with real-time data access that impacts decision making quality.

Helping to stay updated with about the missing or outdated credentialing document with automated reminder mechanism. Pharmacy Management System An EHR-integrated ambulatory pharmacy system for managing drug dispensing workflows, master patient indexes, and compliance management.

Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare

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