HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1

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About this title Synopsis: Russia and a few other Eurasian countries have been home to the fastest growing epidemics of HIV in the world over the last several years. First established in Sydney in Have remainders bought over those years, many ageing like good wine. Shop is about the size of two tennis courts. Have many second hand books in all categories.

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Country Focus: Russia-led bloc pushing ahead on Eurasia-REACH

Again unpun-. Zweiundzwanzig, Hoeringstrasse. How many have been on it? A platoon, a company perhaps? Do not forgive! Blood for blood! A tooth for a tooth! Vae victis!

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He points out the unifying factor of the converging elements of domestic revolution, civil war and international conflict: the metahistorical conflict between rising Modernity and declining Tradition, cutting straight through all the European peoples. Evola surveys the cultural-historical ruins that remain after the inevitable victory of Modernity and he warns the survivors of defeated Tradition against illusory political activism. Here the remnants of the European peoples are subjected to the most sadomasochistically bizarre forms of vivisection: demographic sui-genocide, ecocidal hyper-consumerism, militant secularism, ochlocratic hyper-democracy, institutional matriarchy and cultural oikophobia are the most poignant results of this historically unprecedented Umwertung aller Werte.

The sheer scale aside, from a macro-historical perspective there is nothing new under the sun: this is the natural winding up of the legacy of the West.

Eurasia on the Move. Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Dynamic Migration Region

The universal patterns of defeat and downfall are self-evident. The fall of Carthage in BC meant that men died in battle, that the city was destroyed, that the ground was salted and that the women and children were sold as slaves. The fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD meant that its Temple was destroyed, that its walls were torn down and that its inhabitants went into exile. For France and England, the pyrrhic victory of was merely a prelude to the final liquidation of their empire and their great power status.

In spite of all its overblown rhetoric and saber-rattling, American superpower has been fatally compromised. The overstretched American armed forces and the prohibitively expensive inefficient, corrupt military-industrial complex may still be able to execute short tactical interventions on behalf of the transnational interests of high finance, but the only true credibility they retain now rests solely on the all-or-nothing op-. Astronomical debt and accelerated de-industrialization are sure symptoms of the implosion of American superpower. Thus, the official victors of have now effectively joined the official losers of they are now collectively subject to the historical mechanisms of the Fall of the West.

The themes and symptoms of the downfall of civilizations are universal. The cults and ideologies of Western Modernity are bankrupt: Italian and German Fascism was forcibly eradicated; Russian Communism and Western European Social Democracy have abolished themselves; Anglo-Saxon Neoliberalism will die out with the baby boomers.

Psychohistorically the Cultural Nihilist discourse can be explained by the collective post-traumatic stress syndromes of the defeated European peoples. The unmistakable symptoms can be understood as adaptive strategies at both the individual and the col-.

Russia, Post‐Communist Europe, and the Geopolitics of Eurasia

The public discourse of institutionalized schizophrenia is not merely aimed at repression the traumatic past, but also at incorporating the equally traumatic present. This public discourse underpins the authority and policies of the hostile elite: it is the cornerstone of the Betrayal of the West. A discourse of demophobia and xenophilia represses the betrayal of nation and country. The Fall of the West and the Betrayal of the West necessarily complement each other: this is the double reality that the young people of the West have to face.

On the one hand they instinctively recognize the need to respect the sacrifices that their ancestors made for their peoples. On the other hand they rationally recognize that the net result of these sacrifices has created a world that is now past its expiry date in every respect: not only materially economically, ecologically , but also immaterially socio-culturally, psychologically. The young generation, heirs to globalization and eurocracy, lacks not only a protected national home but also a protective international order.

But a cleansing of the Augean stables of Western ideology can no longer be postponed: the ideological and political delusions of the past seven decades must now end. A cleansing of the Cultural Nihilist legacy of the baby boomers will result in a political-philosophical tabula rasa on which a new generation can write new solutions for the formidable problems it is facing. The realpolitik combination of national identity and international reality, ideologically and politically sabotaged by the baby boomer hostile elite, must have the highest priority.

On the one hand, young Western people are forced to re-invent their own ethnic, social, cultural and historical identities. Above all, a reconsideration of authentic identity requires an exact inventory account of the pathogenic legacy of the baby boomers.

Alexandra Vacroux | Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

The effective elimination of these outer structures is a sine qua non for the survival of the Western peoples and for the survival of all authentic forms of identity everywhere, but this elimination can only take place after an inner transformation. On the other hand, young Western people are forced to find realistic alternative answers for the great international questions of the day. First, there is the irreversible heritage of a historically unprecedented interconnection between all peoples of the world: the precarious geopolitical balance between the nuclear.

Added to these questions are the threats posed by escalating global climate change, technological transhumanism, ethnical replacement and social implosion. The risks inherent in these converging processes and their complex interaction demand a high degree of supranational consciousness as well as a realistic practice of international Realpolitik. Young Western people cannot afford the luxury of regressive experiments with outdated ideologies libertarianism, communism, fascism and unrealistic ideals national autarky, mono-ethnic purism, social paleoconservatism. The realities of the approaching world crisis are such that they require an entirely new worldview, a worldview that sublimates and surmounts all preceding ideologies and deals.

Four specific threats are about to converge in a Hellstorm 2. Western mankind is facing the ultimate test of Western. Escalating global climate change follows from de-naturalization and materialist hedonism. Escalating ethnic replacement follows from an exclusively materialist focus and a feminine anima.

Escalating social chaos follows from matriarchal hyper-democracy and collective narcissism. The only way that the Western peoples can survive the existential threats of Hellstorm 2. In Hellstorm 2. Traditionalist thought can contribute to the study of the anticipated trajectory of Hellstorm 2. In the same manner that a thorough meteorological analysis and.

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Every authentically Traditionalist perspective is based on transcendental reference, giving it meta-political validity. The supra-ideological transparency and the meta-historical deep perspective that Traditionalism offers can contribute to a collective, all-Western preparation for Hellstorm 2. To think that politically-correct contemporary ideologies can offer structural solutions to the catastrophes that follow from Modernity is logically absurd. An effective. Rational analysis and rational action, however, are only possible on the basis of authentic instinct and authentic intuition.

An accurate assessment of the true depths of the approaching world crisis is therefore only possible on the basis of an accurate understanding of the meaning of Hellstorm 2. In this regard, Traditionalism is of inestimable value, because it is fully geared to the distillation of meta-historical meaning from historical phenomena. From a Traditionalist perspective meta-historical meaning follows directly from the degree to which macrocosmic transcendental ideals are, or are not, reflected in microcosmic immanent reality.

Traditionalism offers instruments with which to measure the discrepancy between these two. The instruments of Traditionalism set standard values in all spheres of human thought and action: in religion, politics, economics, social relations, culture and art. Traditionalism proceeds from the absolute polarities that govern the human condition, symbolically expressed in binary identity oppositions: light-dark, heaven-earth, spirit-matter, soul-body, male-female. This implies that meta-historical meaning is embedded in a dual reality of sub-human biological evolution and devolution and super-human metaphysical ascent and descent.

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The contemporary hermeneutic value of Traditionalism rests on its ability to partially restore the human capacities for experience and knowledge, capacities which have been severely degraded by Modernity. It is the task of critical thinkers to extend and supplement these categories. In this respect, Traditionalist thought can offer a solution because within the Traditionalist epistemological framework not only scientific insights, but also artistic reflection and religious prophecy have their rightful place.

‘Epidemic’: Children with HIV/AIDS in Russia (RT documentary, episode 2)

An example of contemporary art with direct relevance to the Hellstorm theme is the recent movie Take Shelter Jeff Nichols, Amerika, By offering a synthesis of scientific insight, artistic reflection and religious prophecy the Traditionalist method offers a holistic approach to the Crisis of the Modern World: it renders the coming of Hellstorm 2. Thus, an authentically Traditionalist analysis is valuable in an effective meta-political preparation for Hellstorm 2. Still, there are unexpected ways in which Manson remains an important icon of contemporary Western Modernity.

In this sense, Manson represents an archetypal expression of the institutionalized schizophrenia and the collective narcissism.

HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1
HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1
HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1
HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1
HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1
HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1 HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia: Volume 1

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