Fighting Ships of World War II

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These vessels were: U. Kendall C. Campbell, U. Tabberer and U. Frigates were named for three Kansas cities: Emporia, Hutchinson and Abilene.

Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II by Francis E. Mccurtie

Ships were named for these Kansas rivers: Caney, Chikaskia and Neosho. Names of Liberty ships were chosen from more than 60 categories. Liberty vessels were named for 29 individuals associated with Kansas, who held the following posts or practiced these professions:. Agriculturist, American Legion national commander, aviator, builders who developed various natural resources, cabinet member, missionary, educators, engineers, explorers, governors, editors, jurists, pioneers and regional heroes, scientist, railroad men, senators, nurses, women noted in American history and writers.

Four cities after which Victory ships were named were selected as being representative of Kansas communities. The selection was made by the naming committee of the U. Maritime Commission, with the navy's approval.

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The first launching of a Liberty ship named in honor of a Kansan was the David J. Brewer was a Leavenworth jurist who served on both the state supreme court and federal circuit bench prior to more than 20 years' service as an associate justice of the U. The David J. Brewer went down the ways November 26, , followed in less than a month by the Jim Bridger and Amelia Earhart.

The first Victory ship named for a Kansas city was the Atchison Victory which was launched on April 22, While Liberty and Victory ships are both cargo vessels, identical in carrying capacity, the Liberty is somewhat easier and faster to build and was turned out in great numbers early in the war. It was later superseded by the Victory ship, a vessel of more refined hull lines and 50 to 75 per cent faster than the Liberty, whose speed of 10 to 12 knots was ideal for mixed convoy work.

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However, the Victory ship's additional speed, ranging from 15 to 20 knots, enabled the vessel to move cargo considerably faster. The Liberty vessel is a steel, full scantling type vessel with a raked stem and cruiser stern.

The propelling machinery consists of a reciprocating steam engine directly connected to a single screw. The Victory cargo vessel is a steel, shelter deck type vessel with a raked stem and cruiser stern. The propelling machinery consists of cross compound turbines geared to a single screw. Information concerning ship names, places of construction and launching and commissioning dates used in this article was obtained through correspondence with the bureau of naval personnel, Navy department; director of public information, United States Maritime Commission, and the Historical Society's newspaper clippings.

Following is a list of navy ships in World War II named for native Kansans and for cities, counties and rivers of the state:. Grant Frederick Timmerman , of the marine corps, a native of Americus, Lyon county. He was killed in action July 8, , on Saipan, Marianas Islands. The Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously to Sergeant Timmerman with the following citation:. William Deane Hawkins of the marine corps, a native of Fort Scott. The award of the Congressional Medal of Honor to the marine lieutenant was for service as set forth in the following citation:. Jack William Wintle , native of Pittsburg.

He died November 13, , in enemy action in the Pacific area. Commander Wintle received the American Defense Medal -- Fleet Clasp, , and the posthumous award of the Navy Cross with the following citation:. He was advanced to lieutenant commander on June 15, He died as a result of enemy action in the Pacific area, the presumptive date of his death being August 8, He was officially reported missing in action as of August 7, , having been attached to a fighting squadron when the plane he was piloting was lost in the Pacific area.

Company, Newark, N. Kendall Carl Campbell , a native of Garden City.

Jane's Fighting Ships Of World War II

He died as a result of enemy action in the Asiatic area, the presumptive date of his death being May 9, Ensign Kendall was officially reported missing in action May 8, , when the plane in which he was flying failed to return from the Battle of the Coral Sea. Kingman APB , launched April 17, Following are the 29 Liberty ships named for individuals associated with Kansas and the four Victory cargo vessels named for cities of the state:.

Mary Bickerdyke , best known as "Mother Bickerdyke," who achieved fame as one of the most capable and beloved women who ministered to the sick and wounded during the Civil War. She made enlisted men her special care and was a champion of their rights.

In she initiated a movement to get ex-soldiers to go West and the migration of families to Kansas is attributed to her influence. David J. Brewer, launched at Permanente Metals Corporation, shipyard No. Brewer , an, associate justice of the United States supreme court for more than 20 years. He settled at Leavenworth shortly after being admitted to the New York bar in In , at the age of 33, Judge Brewer was elected to the Kansas supreme court.

His elevation to the United States supreme court came in after service on the federal circuit court of the eighth circuit. He established a station, Fort Bridger, on the Oregon trail in southwestern Wyoming in Prior to becoming a government scout in the 's, he purchased a farm near Kansas City. He retired from the plains and mountains in and died at his home near Kansas City in William H.

Carruth , author and one of the leading linguistic scholars of the West. He served the University of Kansas, from which he was graduated, as professor of modern languages, head of the department of German language and literature, and from to as vice-chancellor. Arthur P. Davis , director of the U.

Reclamation Service from to and known as the father of Boulder or Hoover dam. He was hydrographer in charge of hydrographic examination of the Panama canal route, , and planned and supervised construction of more than dams including Roosevelt dam and the large reservoir on the Mokelumne river, source of water for the San Francisco bay area. USS Franklin D.

Roosevelt CV Destroyer Warship. Conventionally-Powered Attack Submarine. Escort Carrier. Attack Transport Ship. Conventionally-Powered Fleet Aircraft Carrier. Conventionally-Powered Light Aircraft Carrier. USS John C. Butler DE Destroyer Escort Warship. USS John D. Ford DD Turbo Electrical-Powered Aircraft Carrier. Conventionall-Powered Aircraft Carrier. Fast Battleship Warship.

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Fast Battleship. Light Cruiser. Aviator Training Aircraft Carrier. This superb collector Set portrays five historic World War II fighting ships etched in naval folklore as a result of their powerful symbolism, epic encounters and courageous crews. Churchill issued his famous command to sink the Bismarck just days after she broke out into the Atlantic in May The largest battleship in Germany's Kriegsmarine fought valiantly until she was sunk on 27 May.

The largest, heaviest battleship ever constructed and the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Yamato succumbed to repeated bomb and torpedo hits from US aircraft while on the way to defend Okinawa in April The United States' last battleship hosted one of the most famous moments of World War II when Japanese officials came aboard on 2 September to sign the document of unconditional surrender, thereby ending the War.

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Disclaimer: The colour of the presentation packaging may vary slightly as a result of the screen-printing process employed. The Set is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity containing detailed information about each ship, including launch date, dimensions, and main guns. Privacy The Perth Mint does not sell, loan or share your personal information.

Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II
Fighting Ships of World War II Fighting Ships of World War II

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