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By shifting the focus away from waiting until an employee reports a disability to catching it before a claim is even filed, we can save time, money and valuable productivity. One way we make this happen is to take an integrated approach to disability management.

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Integrated Disability Management IDM , not surprisingly, is all about integrating all our coverage options. Integration also allows for improved tracking of disability data.

This allows us to identify trends and can help build prevention strategies. Advantages to integrating benefits can range from financial to operational. Direct program cost savings. Reduced lost time.

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Fewer absences. Improved tracking of claims and employee absences.

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Simplified process for SDAA and the employee. Increased overall employee satisfaction. HPM includes a health and wellness component into disability and absence management.

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The goal of HPM is to support the coordination of effective treatment to reduce the duration of disability. Employee Benefits.

Your well-being is our priority. At SDAA, we understand how important our people are to fulfilling our mission of providing a patient-focused emergency medical service of quality and safety.

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Taking this information, we will collaborate with the employer to identify and improve, redesign or create programs and policies based on identified needs. Coupled with our in-house medical and rehabilitation services, we excel in our ability to achieve superior outcomes for our clients. Lifemark is well equipped to adjudicate claims for organizations with self-funded weekly indemnity or short-term disability plans. Concurrent to our adjudication services, or on a stand-alone basis, we are also able to provide disability case management.

We strive to work with all stakeholders towards the common goal of facilitating a quicker, better and sustained recovery for the injured. A leader in Rehab Case Management, Lifemark case managers facilitate communication between all parties by liaising with the client, employers, physicians and other treatment providers in order to best identify what services and resources are needed to promote an optimal rehab outcome and return to function.

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Lifemark has the experience and the expertise to work with employers to develop an attendance management program that meets the legal duty to accommodate employees with disabilities. Substance abuse is a growing concern for many organizations, and presents a significant degree of risk and potential liability for employers. To help employers ensure the health and safety of employees when it comes to substance abuse, Lifemark offers a comprehensive approach that recognizes the sensitive nature of these situations and addresses requirements for businesses of all sizes in both the private and public sectors across the country.

Our services include assessment, testing, maintenance and monitoring. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:.

See a case study of our Disability Management services.

Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management
Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management
Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management
Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management
Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management
Comprehensive Disability Management Comprehensive Disability Management

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