357th Fighter Group

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357th Fighter Group

Excellent customer service. Not seeing any hits, he rolled out square in front of me. I had a little excess speed and came right in behind him. I began to overshoot and saw his canopy come off.

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I slid right up beside him with my flaps down. He bailed out as I was alongside him at about 12, ft. The pilot's chest was covered in blood and he hit the rudder. I did not see his 'chute open. Meanwhile, the second Fw continued in a gentle turn, with Adams in pursuit. The latter fired, scoring hits; 'At about 10, ft he seemed to be trying an outside loop, so I rolled out, and when I lifted my wing I saw an explosion on the ground and a parachute in the vicinity of the crash'.

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The rd FS was in on the action too. Capt 'Bud' Anderson headed up White Flight, and as they raced for the front of the formation, 'my No 3 called in four bandits coming in on us at "four o'clock'" he confirmed.

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With full throttle and RPM, I was able to close around and climb on them. They all straightened out and tried to run, while their No 4 climbed up — my No 3, Lt Edward Simpson, went after him while I chased the other three. Meanwhile, Anderson pursued the other three fighters; 'I closed slowly on No 3 and waited until I was in close, and dead astern, then fired a good burst, getting hits all over.

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Smoke streamed and his canopy may have come off. He rolled over and went down out of control. I singled out No 2. He dove and pulled up in a left climbing turn.

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I pulled inside and overshot - he straightened out and I pulled up, watching him as he tried to get on my No 2's tail. He stalled and I went after him. He repeated with another left climbing turn. I overshot again and the same thing followed. The third time I made up my mind I wouldn't lose him, so as he pulled up I fired. The first tracers went over his right wing. I skidded my nose over and strikes appeared all over. I slid alongside and saw fire break out.

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The Me rolled over slowly and went straight in from 28, ft. He fired a degree deflection shot to persuade the German pilot to break off his attack, before manoeuvring behind the enemy fighter. After several rounds had struck it near the cockpit, smoke began to billow from the Messerschmitt and the pilot bailed out. Future seven-kill ace Capt Jim Browning was leading Green Flight, and he later reported; 'I saw two Me s going in the opposite direction.

I turned and gave one a shot with deflection. I don't think I hit him. He then pulled almost straight up. I climbed with him and waited until I was about yards away and I levelled out. I then gave him a long burst. I got hits and coolant came out. He then turned and I overshot him. I made a circle and came back at him. He was in a slight dive, with coolant still coming out.

I gave him another long burst from about 20 degrees deflection. I could see him bowed over in the cockpit, as if trying to fasten his 'chute. The last burst I gave him was directly into the cockpit and the right side of his aeroplane.

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He bailed out and I pulled up over him. During the next day's mission to Magdeburg, the group had just rendezvoused with the bombers when the American force was engaged by more than German fighters that ripped head-on through the bombers in line-abreast formations. Maj Joe Broadhead subsequently reported; 'After the first wave passed, I peeled off and started following. A solitary Fw also peeled off, leaving the formation.

He was unaware that I was following him, so I held my fire until I had closed to within yards.

Mustang Aces of the 357th Fighter Group

I took careful aim and gave him one long burst, hitting him in the tail, fuselage and wings. Smoke immediately started coming from him and he did a roll to start a split-s and I overshot him. As I crossed him, I saw a fire starting from his belly.

Then, 'about yards to the left of my flight, an Fw was making an attack on a P', recalled future I fired several times during the dive but we were going so fast that I couldn't get an accurate shot. He levelled out at about ft above the ground, chopped his throttle, dropped flaps and made a steep turn to the right. I overshot, but came back and we got into a Lufbery. I fired several times from yards at mph. I saw several strikes on his fuselage and wings. He levelled off and started to glide towards the ground, his engine burning.

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About 20 ft off the ground he jettisoned his canopy. His ship went into a slight bank to the left, hit the ground, cartwheeled and burst into flames. Lt Col Tommy Hayes was leading the squadron, and he reported; 'I was able to get onto the tail of one of the Me s, which now began to dive. I fired three short bursts. After the first strikes he skidded, I suppose to look back. I fired again, seeing debris and the canopy come off. Just as the third burst was fired it looked like the pilot had started Capt Fletcher Adams of the nd FS was one of the th FG's leading aces when he was shot down by a Bf west of Bernburg on 30 May Although he succeeded in bailing out of his Mustang, Adams was murdered by his captors Olmsted via Roeder Capt Richard Peterson's first Hurry Home Honey was PB-5 , and it is seen here at Leiston displaying ten victory markings in late May This aircraft was lost on 20 June when it was hit by flak north of Paris.

However, at that instant the ship actually disintegrated.

357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group
357th Fighter Group

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